What Is A Ragamuffin Cat?

Blue Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin Kittens and Cats

Currently available Ragamuffin Kittens for Sale.  Ragamuffin Kittens are very similar to Ragdolls in general body shape and temperament.  Ragamuffins tend to have a longer and plusher coat, slightly squarer build, baby doll type faces that appear sweet and kittenish their entire lives, large round walnut shaped eyes, and ears that tip slightly forward like they are listening to you all the time. 

Ragamuffin Cats were created by outcrossing Ragdoll Cats with Persian and Himalayan Cats.  The result is a cat with an adorable baby doll face, slightly squarer build, slightly longer coat, large round eyes, and ears that tend to tip forward like they are listening to you all of the time.  These cats are fantastic, getting all of the Ragdoll tendencies for desiring lots of love and attention and their floppy laid back personalities as well as having a face that keeps the beauty and charm of a kitten for their entire lives.  Ragamuffins can come in any color or pattern and are a true treasure.

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